Keep your Memories. Find the Right GoPro for the Job Here

When your mates are having some fun on one of the hills at Offroad Orange Spain we have no problem with you using a GoPro or similar camera to capture those moments whilst riding with us. Fixing a mount is also not a problem.

We pass under plenty of low hanging branches and through bamboo so the danger of catching and either being pulled back or detaching the camera is a reality. Tethers are available to help prevent loss. The GoPro Session models fit well under the peak of the helmet but buy a suitable Mount. Phone cameras produced some of the best footage but ensure you have a sturdy case to prevent accident damage.

The Chest Mount works extremely well and do return better images when used standing.

Whatever camera and mount you choose we will give you plenty of hints at capturing those unforgettable moments.

If you have ever experienced that time when you have 500 images when you wanted a short video then maybe consider purchasing the GoPro Remote. You can wear this on your wrist or fix to the bars so you only record what you want, when you want and in a format you want.