Your Offroad Orange  Adventure is Approaching

So you’ve booked your trip to Offroad Orange Spain and at every get together with the others talk will come around to Offroad Orange. We have all levels of riders come to us so relax and just look forward to it.

Get Bike Time In

Most riders get out on weekends and average around 3-4 hours ride time. You might be out all day but actual ride time is surprisingly short. Spending a hour more than usual will help keep you focused all day.

Hydration. How much do you think you need to drink?

Bring a hydration pack or Hydration Bladder with you. We supply water and a Kriega ruck sac that will accommodate most bladders, being able to hydrate easily when riding is very important. Frequent stops in hot weather help but the ability to drink when you want is invaluable. Additives and gels also aid in Hydration.

Soft Hands ..Will These Palm Savers help?

Palm savers come in handy for those who suffer with blisters. Inexpensive and easy to buy make these a must if avoiding hand pain is on your agenda.

Sit or Stand – Friction can be a bitch

This is a question we get asked by so many. Its personal preference but if you stand then bike control is easier for most of us. If you sit a lot be mindful of finishing the day with the back end resembling a baboon! If thats you then don’t forget ‘Butt Cream” or what ever you use….and when travelling with hand luggage only…remember the 100ml limit going through airport security.

Personal Gear

If you ride in glasses then we do have goggles to accommodate you but sometimes its best to bring your own that you know are right for you. Same goes for unusual sized items. Always ask if your not sure.